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Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

If you want your bachelorette party to sizzle, play a few naughty games with the girls. The party is sure to be rocking in no time once the ladies loosen up!

There are lots of fun and naughty games to get the girls in the mood to party with the bachelorette. First, try the cherry game. Ask for volunteers who want to be virgins again, and then place in front of each a cherry in a bowl. Add whipped cream to fill the bowl, and tell each girl that the game is a race to see who can get to and eat their cherry first. It is a funny game when the girls really get into it! No utensils to dig out the cherry or use of hands allowed!

One of the most popular bachelorette party games sold nationally is the That Guy game, which is a set of cards with depictions of different stereotypical guys - from the mullet guy, to the sports jersey guy, to the super hot guy. Cards are dealt to all the bachelorette party guests before you go out on the town. Then, during the night, you have to find live men who embody the cards you were dealt. The first girl to find matches to all of her cards, and point out these matches to the other girls at the party, wins!

The perfect bachelorette party drinking game is called Drink or Dare, which, when purchased comes with a spinner board, score card, and shot glass. Each girl spins and reads the dare and then the bride - to - be gets to decide if she will take the dare or drink. The game is bound to get the night started off with some laughs and kick the party into full gear! Dares include things like flashing your bra, doing a table dance, and getting a guys boxers. It is possible, for the frugal bachelorette party host to make this game by hand, by writing out dares on a set of index cards and asking the bride to choose drink or dare before she is dealt a card.

If you are having a risqué bachelorette party that includes a male exotic dancer, a great game to play is to identify the hunk. After he has done his dance, and leaves, bring out a printed form for each party guest to fill out asking questions like: What was the dancer wearing before he started his routine? What was the dancer's eye color and hair color?
How tall was the hunk? What color briefs was he wearing? What song did he dance to? How many songs were played during his stay at the party? How many girls did the exotic dancer dance with? What was his name? It is amazing to see how few questions the girls will get right!

To make sure this game runs successfully, make sure the exotic dancer himself fills out the form discreetly before he leaves the party. It is always a riot to see what the girls put down as answers at the bachelorette party.

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