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Planning A Bachelorette Slumber Party

Planning a Bachelorette Slumber Party

Do you remember the best times you've spent with your long - time girlfriends? Were some of those times slumber parties in grade school and junior high? If you want to recapture the joy of spending time with the girls, a slumber party themed bachelorette party may be just the trick to bring together all the women in the bride - to - be's life.

A successful " little girl slumber party " themed bachelorette party requires several bits of planning. First, all the girls attending the party should be on board with the plan. They need to know what to bring with them - sleeping bags, cute pajamas, pillows, snack food like we all ate in junior high, and girly movies to watch late at night.

Next, the decorations for the party need to match the theme. Try banners, streamers, and balloons in shades of pink. Create a cozy area near a TV for everyone to throw out sleeping bags and make sure you have lots of blankets and pillows on hand. Provide each girl attending the party with a goodie bag that can be used throughout the night. The bag should include some great slumber party basics, like nail polish for doing manicures and lip gloss. Give the girls a toothbrush that is purple or pink. Include little girl items like stickers, hair clips, and kid themed candy, like candy rings. You may also want to consider including things that are specific to your childhood era. For ladies in their mid to late 20s, many childhood icons are popular again, including Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and Care Bears. You can find great party favors and stickers that are these childhood favorites, which will set the tone of your bachelorette party.

Next, make sure you have enough party food. Consider a slumber party classic, like ordering lots of pizzas, having cookies, or even raw cookie dough, and chips and dips. Now is not a time to worry about your diet, as you are trying to capture the joy of being a little girl and staying with your friends.

As for party activities, you should encourage sitting around and talking, like we all used to do with our friends. Topics should be light - boys, hair styles, and movies are all good things to keep the party on track. You can play classic slumber party games, like truth or dare, and really keep the feeling of childhood going. The bachelorette can be given special rights, like veto power during the game of truth or dare, or some other privilege. Also, when it starts to get late, a great option is to watch classic girly movies. Each guest can bring her favorite chick flick so that there are lots of options for viewing late into the night.

Another great activity at a slumber party bachelorette party is to give the bride - to - be a series of gifts. Lingerie, massage oils, or other naughty gifts are great for this type of party and also often spawn fun conversations between the girls attending the bachelorette party.

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