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Roman Themed Bachelorette Party

Roman Themed Bachelorette Party

If you are looking for a unique bachelorette party theme, try a Roman feast. This works great for brides who loved the movie Gladiator, those who have always loved Italy, or a girl who is marrying into an Italian family.

Invitations for a Roman feast bachelorette party should be Italian in theme - something with golden vines and grapes. The details included in the invitation should mention to guests that they should arrive in Roman attire ( think togas! ) and also bring pajamas to change after the feast.

You can rent Roman costumes for the bachelorette party, or just use a sheet to make a fun and inexpensive toga. To decorate the room you are having the feast, move the furnture out of the way ( at least along the walls ). Then drape fabric in a favorite color over the walls, china cabinet, and other large items of furniture. Place lots and lots of throw pillows on the floor around the coffee tables that will serve as the low tables where food will be displayed. Those tables can also be draped in matching fabric.

You can also rent Roman style columns to place strategically throughout the room at a party supply store. Ivy bought at a craft store can also help complete the Roman feel for the bachelorette party.

The menu for this kind of party can be any finger foods, and also things evocative of Rome, like a tray of stuffed grape leaves and of course a Caesar salad! Make sure you have lots of wine on hand, as the Romans were always drinking wine! Have both red and white wine, and plan more than you would for a regular party, because ladies often come to drink at a bachelorette event.

If you are hiring a male stripper, request that he arrive dressed as a gladiator. If you are lucky you can get someone who looks a bit like Russell Crowe to complete the fantasy!

To make sure the bride - to - be is properly attired for the bachelorette party, take her out while some of the girls are decorating the party spot to a costume shop where she can get a great outfit. Plan ahead to make sure the costume store has several options in her size. You may even want to consider taking her to a beauty salon to get her hair done up in Roman style. Then, when you arrive at the party, have everyone greet her in Roman style by scattering rose petals at her feet when she walks into the room! Give her a laurel wreath to wear on her head, and if she wants to feel like a total goddess, a scepter or other wand - type object usually does the trick.

After you eat your Roman finger foods while lounging on pillows in your Roman palace, you can have formal entertainment like a stripper. Or the bachelorette party can then turn into a slumber party where the girls all watch movies like Gladiator or Ben Hur. Even the HBO show Rome would be great entertainment for this type of party!

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