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Bachelorette Party Planning - What to Do and Not to Do.

Are you a maid of honor trying to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your best friend? If so, there are a few key rules to help make sure that your bachelorette party is her night to remember, not a nightmare to forget!

First, don't wait until the last minute to make your plans. There are so many events surrounding a wedding that you have to pick a date well in advance for the bachelorette party. Do plan your event about two months in advance. That will ensure that all the bridesmaids can agree on a date. Plus, you need sufficient time to choose the venue for the party, plan any entertainment and transportation, and otherwise get ready for bachelorette party fun!

Next, once you are at the party, don't drink too heavily at the beginning of the night, and try to keep an eye on the other girls so that they don't overdo it up front either. If you are drinking during the bachelorette party, do instruct the group to pace their drinking. Have snack breaks at periods throughout the night to avoid wicked hangovers and anyone throwing up, which puts a real damper on a bachelorette party!

To keep the girls drinking under control at the bachelorette party, do have a sensible dinner before the party commences. Don't over indulge at dinner which will slow you down the rest of the night, but also bear in mind that you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach. If the party starts with dinner, all the girls will be ready to out afterwards. Another common bachelorette party problem is arriving late for your plans. Do set a start time ahead of when you actually need to be at, say, dinner reservations. Therefore, even latecomer girls will be on time for dinner and you can get to all the bars and clubs you want to in a timely manner.

Next, don't let guests sway the plans that are already in place. It is OK to tell girls that this is not a party about them, but as a bachelorette party is all about the bride. Do feel free to remind your guests that whatever you have planned is " what the bride wants, " but make sure that that is true, and that YOU aren't dismissing the bride's wishes!

Remember that planning a bachelorette party is not like just any other girl's night out. It is a festive, but special, event that deserves planning greater than selecting a location. Make sure that you have plotted out bars and clubs that will be bachelorette friendly, and scope out drink specials too. Make sure you take into account that you will be taking a large group with you everywhere you go that night, so make sure your locations can accommodate the group. No matter what the plans for the bachelorette party night include, do be sensitive to the bride. If she isn't having a good time, change the location, or listen to her when she says she is ready to call it a night. Don't hold on to your plans so tightly that the bachelorette party isn't fun for the bride anymore. Remember that it is her night, and you want it to be a special memory for her.

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