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Bachelorette Parties - Party Games To Kick Off Your Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Parties - bachelorette parties articles
Bachelorette Parties - bachelorette parties articles

Party Games To Kick Off Your Bachelorette Party

Party Games to Kick Off Your Bachelorette Party

There are so few times when girls get together and can play silly games with abandon. A bachelorette party is an amazing opportunity to have a purely fun night out with your girlfriends and play lots of great party games!

One game that can be a real laugh is to see who can sculpt the best penis. This is great for stay at home bachelorette parties, and all you need is some clay. Give each girl some clay, and let her sculpt away. After ten minutes, have the girls present their masterpiece to the group, and let everyone rate the creations in several categories - realism, humor, creativity, etc. Give the girls who win fun gifts that you have bought for game winners. Another game that can get a bachelorette party started is called " I know what it is. " Place a bachelorette party favor in a bag, anything from nail polish to a naughty toy to a bead necklace. Then, have each girl reach into the bag without looking for only three seconds. Each girl then describes in detail what she thinks is in the bag. Make sure they are descriptive! The girl who is closest to what is actually in the bag gets to keep the contents.

Classic card games, and card drinking games, are always a bachelorette party staple. But, to pump up the humor and bawdiness of your bachelorette party, play the games with nude male playing cards, which you can buy at novelty stores or online.

Drinking games can also get an extra bachelorette party twist when you make girls take shots from penis shot glasses, or drink through penis straws, all of which are available on the internet or at party supply stores.

It seems a classic bachelorette party gag to have as many penis related items as possible, including penis racers, which you can line up like toy wind up cars and race. There are also penis items such as forks, plates, and muffin tins to make even your munchies a little bit naughty for the bachelorette party. If you are having a poolside bachelorette party, one fun game is to play " private dick " where the girls are all given water guns and are armed with a characteristic about a man. Things like the same name as the bachelor, a red goatee, or wearing a certain style of sunglasses, work well, but you can choose any characteristic you like. Then, search the pool area until you find your man, and squirt him with water to claim victory. If you play this game at a pool or at the beach, most men will play along with no hard feelings.

A low key bachelorette party game is to create the funniest bachelorette story. All the girls at the party sit in a circle, pass around a toy, and tell the funniest stories they have experienced with the bachelorette. This is a great warm up game to get your party started and works really well if all the party attendees don't know each other well. You learn not only about the bride - to - be, but also about the friends that you may not know well.

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