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Bachelorette Parties - Tips For Simplifying Bachelorette Party Planning
Bachelorette Parties - bachelorette parties articles
Bachelorette Parties - bachelorette parties articles

Tips For Simplifying Bachelorette Party Planning

Tips for Simplifying Bachelorette Party Planning

Are you struggling to plan a bachelorette party for one of your friends? With the regular demands of life - work, school, kids, spouses, keeping up you home - planning a party is usually the last thing on your mind. If you have committed to planning a bachelorette party but haven't been able to get things together, you can still throw a wonderful bachelorette party with a few quick tips.

First, consider if you are pressed for time, consider buying a pre - packaged bachelorette party kit. While they may compromise creativity, a bachelorette party kit saves you tons of time by doing all the shopping with one quick purchase. Bachelorette party kits, depending on the kit and the price, can include things like utensils, paper plates, napkins, banners and other decorations, party favors, and items for the bride to wear like a tiara.

Next, try enlisting a network of helpers. Bachelorette parties are more informal than bridal showers, so you are free to ask for the help of other bridesmaids and party guests. If you are having trouble doing all the bachelorette party planning on your own, try a potluck party idea where each guest brings some refreshments, or a twist on potluck where each guest brings an article of clothing for the bride to wear during the night or each guest brings one decoration ( after you have given them a clear theme or color scheme ).

You can also ask other bridesmaids to chip in to help cover the cost of the party, or you can plan an event at a restaurant where each girl pays for her own meal and chips in to cover the bride. A party out at a restaurant also has the bonus of requiring little prep beyond confirming that the restaurant can handle your group.

Other time saving tips include sending invitations for the bachelorette party via email, such as through the evite website. You can enlist the help of other guests through email too, which will save the hassle of endless phone calls between the girls. You can simply start a series of emails that everyone can read and comment on.

Another time saver is to go straight to the source of the party - the bride. While you never want the bride to actually plan her own party, if you are stumped for ideas, you may simply want to do a little gentle questioning to get a sense of exactly what she expects so that the planning efforts you make are worth it. With some basic guidance you can get a sense of whether or not the bride wants to hit the bars or stay at home with popcorn and chick flicks with her girlfriends.

Even though planning a bachelorette party can be difficult at times, when you bring joy to one of your closest girlfriends it will all be worth it. Spread the planning duties among several friends, and the task will seem more manageable, and you might even be able to have fun at the party!

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