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Bachelorette Parties - bachelorette parties articles

Spa And Makeover Bachelorette Parties

Spa and Makeover Bachelorette Parties

Are you looking for a new and fresh idea for bachelorette parties? A great new trend is the spa or makeover party. When you get together a group of girls, it makes sense to have a day or evening of beauty!

For a spa party, usually the party is during the day, or the spa part of the party is one event in a bachelorette party weekend. You should choose a local spa, and let the other girls attending the party have input about where to go so that the spa you choose is affordable and well liked. Next, contact the spa itself. Many locations have discounts for large groups or special treatments that can be done as a group. For example, you may get a room to yourselves while everyone gets pedicures or manicures.

Next, have each girl sign up for which treatments she wants, and make sure that the spa can schedule you in an organized manner. If the spa is used to large groups and parties, it can likely schedule a block of employees and a block of time for your group. Be sure that you discuss both the price of services and expected tips for servicing a large group, so that all the girls attending your spa day are well prepared.

Spa parties are great on weekdays, when spas are often less expensive and have more time to accommodate a group.

If a spa bachelorette party becomes hard to plan or seems too expensive you might want to consider an at home spa party. This type of makeover party is great if the bride - to - be doesn't want to go out to bars or clubs for her bachelorette party, but instead just wants to spend time with her girlfriends.

For a makeover party, you can do one of two things. You can purchase a large variety of at home spa treatments at a beauty supply store to service the entire group of girls. Otherwise, you can ask each girl attending the party to sign up in pot luck fashion to bring one spa treatment for each guest. For example, one girl can bring individually packaged face masks for everyone, while another girl brings mini nail polishes, and another girl brings lip glosses, etc. If everyone pitches in it becomes a very economical party and you get a large variety of treatments and beauty products to experiment with throughout your party.

If you are having an at home spa party, you need to consider your bathroom space versus the number of guests. If you are running low on space for all the ladies to try their treatments, you may want to consider buying plastic basins to fill with water for soaking hands before manicures and other treatments. You also should be sure to have lots of towels on hand and encourage your guests to dress in comfortable clothes or pajamas for the party itself.

Either at home or in a professional spa, a makeover party can be a great bonding experience as a bachelorette party event. It is sure to make all your guests feel beautiful!

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