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Karaoke Bachelorette Party

Karaoke Bachelorette Party

Does the bride - to - be love watching American Idol? Does she jump at any chance she gets to perform in local theater? Is she a regular at the local karaoke bar? If so, it may be perfect to plan a karaoke bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties can be anything you want them to be, but above all they should suit the bride. If she loves to sing, it may be a great option to rent a special Japanese style karaoke room, go to a crowded local karaoke bar, or rent a karaoke machine for an at home singing festival!

If you are planning karaoke bachelorette party, make the theme all music related. Provide music note shaped cupcakes, decorate with records and cds hung as banners and along the walls. Make music the central idea of the party. This is a perfect bachelorette theme not just for girls who love to sing, but also for girls who love attending concerts, or the bride whose groom is a musician.

A karaoke bachelorette party, since it is all about the singing, requires special song selection planning. Classics include Madonna's Like a Virgin, or David Bowie's White Wedding. Any song with the words wedding or bride is a good choice. Other great songs are those that talk about love. You could plan for each girl attending the party to sing a different song with the word love in the title. This should be easy, since so many songs are about love.

You can also give out musically themed party favors at the bachelorette party. Everyone could get a kids kazoo or whistle to wear around during the night. Make each girl a CD with songs from the night on it. This works particularly well if you plan ahead of time and each bridesmaid tells you which song she intends to sing. Therefore, you could end up with a CD full of love songs that every time you play will remind you of the way each girl sang her song. For bold brides, choose to go to a popular and public karaoke bar where she can get praise for her singing skills. Dress up for this type of event! Make everyone wear matching boas, for example.

For a more demure, but still songstress bride, rent a karaoke room ( some bars offer this private service ), or rent or borrow an at home karaoke machine. These machines are often of high quality and can turn your living room into a party zone. The lyrics show up on your TV and the music plays out of the speakers, so you usually have to do very little to hook up the karaoke machine for the bachelorette party.

One tip, however, if you are planning an at home karaoke bachelorette party, is to assign one girl duty as MC and DJ. She can change CDs in the machine and help facilitate the singing. This is a great role for any party guest who strongly objects to singing in front of the group. She can still be involved without feeling pressured to sing solo.

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