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Great Bachelorette Party Games

Great Bachelorette Party Games

As with most parties, there are many options for games to play at your bachelorette party. When you have great games to play, the girls will have a memorable and fun time and your bachelorette party will be a success!

There are many options for great bachelorette party games. One option is Mardi Gras madness, which can work well if you are planning a bachelorette party near Mardi Gras and use the holiday as a general theme for your party. In this game, the bachelorettes turn the tables on men. Each girl wears one or more sets of colored Mardi Gras beads and has guys at a bar or club lift their shirt, drop their pants, or do other tasks to " earn " beads. You an even have the bachelorette herself wear all the beads and decide how to give them out to the boys. Another great party game for a night out on the town is to play rate the men. You can prepare cards with numeric values ( one through ten ) and phrases like " not my type, " or " needs some work. " Then, as you talk to guys at a local bar, you can have all the girls give him a rating card. If you are poolside or at a restaurant for dinner, watch guys walk by and have each girl hold up her card to rate him. It is hilarious game that incorporates both the girls attending the party and passers by so it is always interesting!

Commercially you can also purchase great bachelorette party games and favors. One game sounds simple but is loads of fun because of the conversations it will start with all the girls at the party. Napkin trivia game is a set of napkins you buy that ask questions like, " What color lingerie does the groom like on his bride - to - be? " or " What does the groom wear, boxers or briefs? " It is funny, entertaining way to quiz the bride and get opinions from the girls!

Other commercially available bachelorette party games include pin the penis on the man, like pin the tail on the donkey. There are also ring toss games available called pecker toss where girls at the bachelorette party toss rings on to a plastic penis.

If you are playing these types of board games, make sure you have party favors and winners gifts for the girls at the party.

Another classic game for a bachelorette party out on the town is " suck for a buck " where you create a shirt for the bride - to - be that has lifesavers sewn on in strategic locations. The shirt should also say " suck for a buck " on it, and guys pay the bride - to - be to suck off a lifesaver from her shirt. An important tip if you are using this tried - and - true bachelorette game is to bring an extra shirt for the bride - to - be, in case the t - shirt rips, or gets dirty or wet during the game. This is not for the bride - to - be who is shy or faint of heart, so make sure it is OK with her before you prepare this shirt!

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